Overview of Equilab Challenges

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Equilab offers Challenges that enable our users to motivate themselves, compete with friends, and celebrate one another's growth and success. This guide provides an overview of how to participate in these challenges.

Joining Challenges

It's easy to join Equilab's Challenges. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Home screen within the Equilab app
  2. At the top, select the "Challenges" tab
  3. From the list of Challenges, tap the one you'd like to join (if you're already participating in other Challenge(s), you'll be able to see that as well)
  4. Confirm the goal you'd like to set for yourself

That's it! You can join a Challenge before it starts, or once it has already started.

Note: Challenges may also be presented on your Home screen feed, and you can join directly from there as well.

Tracking for Challenges

Once you join a Challenge, any rides you tracked during its timeframe will be automatically counted. For example, if you joined a Challenge a week after it started, but had tracked a ride 3 days earlier, that ride would be counted towards your progress.

Any ride you track with Equilab while the Challenge is active will automatically be counted towards the current Challenge(s) once you join. You do not need to take any special actions to make your rides apply - just join the Challenge! This applies to rides you create manually, too.

It's important to note that all Challenges are based on the CET (GMT+1), which start and stop at 1:00 AM (midnight) on their first and last days.  Other time zones will have their Challenges start earlier or later in their local times.


When you tap on a Challenge within the Equilab app (from your Home screen feed or the Challenges tab), you'll be able to view your own progress as well as a leaderboard of other rides. You can select two different views:

  • Friends - which will show all of your Friends on Equilab who have joined the Challenge, and their progress
  • Top 10 - which shows the other Equilab users who have made the most progress against the goal (note: there are different leaderboards for each goal/level)

We monitor the leaderboards daily and sometimes take action to ensure that the data is correct. This may involve removing some users from the leaderboards if their performance in a Challenge clearly indicates errors in recording (for example, a user who shows as having ridden 1 million miles). Additionally, manually added trainings with unrealistic values (such as riding 500 miles in 1 day) will not be counted towards challenges.

Reaching your goal

Once you select a goal, you will not be able to change it. Yet if you achieve the goal you set for a Challenge before it ends, you have the option to increase your goal and aim for the next level.

You will not lose the badge you already earned if you do not end up reaching your increased goal by the end of the Challenge, so there's only the chance you might pleasantly surprise yourself by achieving a new, higher level!

Additionally, regardless of what goal you set, you will earn a badge for the highest option/level you exceeded. So if you set a goal of 100 miles and ride 90, you'll still receive the 50-mile badge.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at support@equilabapp.com. We're always here to help.


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